Setting up Unit Tests and a proper Git Flow (CI/CD) and upcoming features

Wue - The SEO friendly Vue.js Wordpress Theme is getting complex and fancy / high-tech / cutting-edge

Hey guys, the last two weeks I’ve spend on a proper product development setup with an appropriate Git Flow and Unit Testing. Why looking for the right git flow and caring about unit tests? I’ve never worked within a proper developer team. Throughout my whole developer carrier I was freelancing as a lonely wolf and […]

Pagination & infinite Scroll updated. Load More button added. Demonstration video.

I’ve worked last several couple of days on some pagination and infinite scroll bugs, but have also added some new features to the blog, like featured image with srcset and a “load more” button with a cool animation :). Here is a video I made to describe the functionality and to see it in action […]

Complex but cool combination of “Infinite Scroll” and Pagination added in premium theme version

You can now switch between “Infinite Scroll” and the usual pagination in the News section. I think I’ve developed a quite cool approach to combine both systems to load content chronologically. “Infinite Scroll” is more user friendly, but you can’t really bookmark the content with this approach. On the other hand pagination allows you to […]

Ajax Comments added to the Premium Version of the Wue Theme

Last week I’ve started to work on the comments section of my news posts. I’ve estimated a workload of 2-3 days. But in the end I’ve needed one week to get all the small details to work harmoniously with each other and to develop a quite advanced comment system for a single page app. Main […]

Announcing Premium Version of the Wue Theme

Two weeks ago I’ve started working on a premium version of the Wue Theme. Its main features in addition to the Basic (Open Source) Theme on Github will be: Really fancy Ajax comment section for posts (almost finished, more on this in the next post) Automated Custom Post Types Routing Advanced Ajax Pagination Polylang integration […]

Demo moved – Google Search Results might change

I’ve moved few days ago this site from a subdomain of my freelance info site So right now if you google for this site there might not be any results. But if you google like “” then you should get some pages I’ve requested to index by Google manually from within the Search Console. […]

Now Bulletproof SEO through Dynamic Rendering Implementation

Last week I have encountered huge problems with my previous SEO approach. Google crawler stopped for any reason to render the app. First I thought it would be related to the Lazy Loading Routes I’ve implemented in the router.js. But after some testing I found out, it was not the case (even though they actually […]

SEO Issues

Update: this post is not relevant anymore for this theme. See this post for current SEO state. I’ve recently discovered a very similar and mature but partly also (unnecessarily) too complicated WordPress Vue theme which promises similar features as my theme does (didn’t test it yet). And it was published March of this year. So […]

Navigation bugs fixed

Today I’ve added support for external links within the menus. Unfortunately I produced a bug by this update, which I didn’t recognise 🙂 So the SPA mode of the site didn’t work as all the pages did reload on route change. But now it’s fixed again. The code in the Github Repo wasn’t affected.

GitHub Repo added

I have added the source code of this theme as a repository on Github. Though without the demo data of this site and without a detailed documentation – no time right now. But I will add some by the end of June. Meanwhile there is also a well commented, separated Webpack configs repo for enabling […]

Webpack Hot Module Replacement (HMR) with WordPress / PHP

It was for me a huge pain in the a.. to get the webpack’s HMR feature up and running within my usual WordPress development workflow. But once it’s done you fall in love with webpack 🙂 I gonna build next weeks a course on Udemy, where I document this way properly.

Get WordPress SEO working with Vue.js

“Conventional” Single Page Applications use the headless approach where the backend is reduced to output the JSON data for the frontend app. While this is great for performance it is bad for SEO. So you need to pre-render the app or render it on each request on the server side. The most famous tool for […]