Complex but cool combination of “Infinite Scroll” and Pagination added in premium theme version

You can now switch between “Infinite Scroll” and the usual pagination in the News section. I think I’ve developed a quite cool approach to combine both systems to load content chronologically. “Infinite Scroll” is more user friendly, but you can’t really bookmark the content with this approach. On the other hand pagination allows you to bookmark the content, but isn’t as “cool” as “Infinite Scroll”. I’ve also reversed the page numbers, so the latest posts are shown on the last page, which does not devaluate the bookmarks when new posts are added. This led to a quite complicated logic both on WordPress and Vue.js sides. But the result is quite cool in my opinion. What are your thoughts on this?

Next weeks I will work on Polylang and WooCommerce integration.

UPDATE: I have now discovered plenty of bugs on iOS with Infinite Scroll and Pagination combination 🙂 Hope to fix them within few next days