Get WordPress SEO working with Vue.js

“Conventional” Single Page Applications use the headless approach where the backend is reduced to output the JSON data for the frontend app. While this is great for performance it is bad for SEO. So you need to pre-render the app or render it on each request on the server side. The most famous tool for Server Side Rendering (SSR) Vue.js apps is Nuxt.js. But it has some disadvantages. First it requires to remove all the window object references from the Vue components. Then the router has to be adapted to the Nuxt-Workflow. For me the killer argument was that the keep-alive feature doesn’t work (properly) with Nuxt.js. And on the top of this you need learn one technology more and setup an extra node.js Server vor serving the rendered files. These things let me develop a way to fulfil the SEO requirements for the app in WordPress way. This app is the result. Which I am (obviously successfully) testing.